Compare Kettle Corn Machines

Kettle corn poppers are not all the same. We know what it's like to pop kettle corn with an open kettle. The steam rolls up into your face all day long. Your back is tired from bending over the open kettle for eight hours or longer. Your arms ache from the constant stirring with that big paddle. The kettle is messy from the oil spills and drips you have from ladling oil all day. And you have to constantly protect yourself from the hot flying popcorn missiles that could fly out of the kettle at any time. We have found a better way to pop kettle corn - smaller, lighter motor driven gas and electric kettle corn poppers.

The motor driven gas and electric machines are better,faster and cleaner than an open kettle, and when it comes to making kettle corn they will pop batch after batch of beautiful kettle corn all day long. The gas and electric machines we offer are great choices in kettle corn popping equipment because of three distinct advantages:

  • Easy operation! No more stirring with a boat oar over a hot, steamy kettle.
  • Consistently perfect batches of great tasting kettle korn.
  • High volume from a clean, enclosed kettle which is UL Certified.

These machines will automate your business so you can operate by yourself or with only one other person. The best feature of the machine is found at the end of the day when you're not exhausted. The machine does all the work! You really can't put a price on that.