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America's #1 Kettle Corn Manual

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If you are looking to make money, have fun, and enjoy success in the kettle corn business, this manual is for you. We have been popping kettle corn at some of the biggest shows in the Midwest for over fourteen years. We have written this manual to help you jump start your business and be profitable right away. We talk "shop" with people from every corner of America on a daily basis. If you want to know how to take action on the newest trends and latest ideas in the kettle corn business, you need this manual.

We give you 41 pages of essential marketing information such as suppliers, marketing ideas, recipes, etc. We will tell you the mistakes to avoid as well as what to look for when purchasing your kettle. We'll help you stay away from time-wasters when booking shows, and capitalize on good deals when ordering supplies. We talk about how to set up your booth or concession trailer for maximum advantage and attraction. And we'll give you inside information on the best type of popcorn, recipes, and extras that will make your business pop!

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Kettle Corn Concession Trailer Buying Guide

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If you want to have a professional kettle corn business, sooner or later you will need to look at your options for hauling supplies in a cargo trailer, or selling with a concession trailer.

We have lots of information to share with you about trailers, so we wrote this Kettle Corn Concession Trailer Buying Guide to help you find answers to all the questions you might have such as optimum size and height of the trailer, storage, floors, doors, ventilation, themes, marquee packages and more.

This Buying Guide is filed with invaluable tips, suggestions, and ideas to save you time and money in choosing and designing a customized concession trailer. These insights can help you stretch your trailer usefulness and show you how to get more for less, i.e. that "$10,000" look for a fraction of the cost.

We have been in the kettle corn business for over 14 years. We use a custom designed concession trailer, and our KettleKorn Express® machine has been installed in a variety of trailers across the country.

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