Start a Kettle Corn Business

Do you want to start a kettle corn business? We have helped couples and individuals from all across the country start successful kettle corn businesses. Kettle corn is a great business investment, just think of the simplicity of kettle corn - no refrigeration, no spoilage, no hassles!

The rebound effect

Kettle corn is a fantastic product with a great rebound effect - in other words, once customers finish a bag of delicious sweet and salty kettle corn, they rebound back for another one. That's just how it works. It's amazing. Many people say they come to events just to purchase kettle corn!.

Kettle corn is absolutely addicting.

You can start your kettle corn business and earn a return on your investment right away by selling kettle corn at all kinds of places like....

  • craft shows,
  • festivals,
  • concerts,
  • professional sports events,
  • car shows,
  • retail locations,
  • and as part of a wholesale operation.

No expensive franchise

Our package isn't one of those expensive franchise units, rather you start and operate your kettle corn business in the way you choose. Our packages start at $3,969 for the light and portable gas machine or $5,069 for the electric unit. If you're short on cash, you can even lease a machine.

Go with the innovator

At Five Star Inc. we pride ourselves on our customer service and our constant innovation to improve our range of equipment and designs. We are relentless in searching out new ideas, innovations and marketing tips to pass on to you so you can build a profitable and fun kettle corn business.

Questions? Pop us a line, call 1-800-967-1975, or order your free brochure.

From Bob and Catherine

We have enjoyed your kettle machine now for over a year, it's working great and we're looking to move up to a trailer. Everyone that tries our kettle corn says that it's the best they've tried, the cooker pops so consistently that each batch is always great.There's no way we could keep up with demand with a "paddle cooker"...or would want to. Thanks for a great product.

From ebay customer
Very informative information, would recommend to anyone. They are true experts.

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